Winner Named In The Chairman’s Reserve Mai Tai Campaign

Spirits innovator Emporia Brands and award-winning Chairman’s Reserve rum of St Lucia Distillers, are proud to announce the winner of the Chairman’s Reserve Mai Tai campaign for 2016!

The final, held at The Magic Roundabout in London last night, one of the cities iconic pop-up sites, featured four venues from across the UK who were tasked during June and July to promote their twist on the classic Mai Tai cocktail using two expressions of Chairman’s Reserve. Utilising social media, events, Chairman’s Reserve sales and innovative promotional activity, bars and restaurants earned a vast amount of points, with the aim of gaining a spot in yesterday’s final, with the ultimate prize of a training visit for two to St Lucia as part of the prestige Chairman’s XI programme.

The final four to make the final were Mahiki of London, Alvino’s based in Newcastle, The Bureau of Birmingham, and lastly Trading House, also of London.

The respective bars were invited down to Magic Roundabout to re-create their Chairman’s Reserve Mai Tai cocktail to the VIP crowd at the biggest Mai Tai party of the summer!

With this, we’re very proud to announce that the team at Alvino’s from Newcastle impressed the crowd the most, and have earned their place on the plane to St Lucia later in the year!

AlvinosEnjoy the Alvino’s Chairman’s Reserve Mai Tai:

25ml Chairman’s Reserve White Label rum
25ml Chairman’s Reserve Finest rum
15ml King’s Ginger liqueur
25ml lime juice
10ml pineapple juice
10ml orgeat syrup

Add all ingredients to shaker, shake with cubed ice, strain into chilled Collins over crushed ice. Mint sprig & Fernet Branca float garnish.

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