Chivas Raises A Glass To Manchester United’s 1968 Victory With Rare 50 Year Old Scotch

Chivas Icon - Bottle in Case LowResChivas, the original luxury blended Scotch whisky, has unveiled Chivas The Icon 50th Anniversary Limited Edition to celebrate Manchester United’s famous cup victory in Europe in 1968. Four bottles of the limited edition, 50 year old Scotch have been created, to represent each of the goals scored by Manchester United on the memorable night at Wembley.

The new Official Spirits Partner of Manchester United, Chivas, will be gifting the first bottle of the exquisite whisky to a fan who has passionately supported the Club through every high and low. To find out how to be in with a chance to win this priceless whisky, please keep an eye on Manchester United social platforms for further details on how to enter.

The second bottle in the limited edition release will be the only bottle in the world available to the public to buy, going on sale with world-renowned auction house Sotheby’s in an online-only auction from 23rd to 30th November. All proceeds from the sale will be donated to the Manchester United Foundation, reflecting Chivas and Manchester United’s shared belief in using success to enrich the lives of others. To find out how to take part in the auction and have the chance to get your hands on the only bottle of this celebratory whisky available to buy, visit the Chivas website where there will be details of the auction and how to get involved.

Sandy Hyslop, Chivas Brothers Director of Blending, commented: “At Chivas we believe that blended is better – in life, football and Scotch – so we wanted to use our vast expertise to craft a truly unique blend that embodies the values of a truly unique team. To taste this whisky is to experience some of our oldest, most luxurious and rarest whiskies, some from now lost distilleries, hand-selected and brought together for their exceptional richness and fruity character. Ever since Chivas’ founding brothers, James and John, first perfected the art of blending, Chivas has never released a whisky more than 30 years old – this limited edition 50 years old blend really is an iconic piece of history.”

Presented in a hand-blown crystal decanter created by expert craftsmen at Dartington Crystal, the liquid is perfectly smooth with an intense concentration of sumptuous flavours, with rich notes of honey, vanilla and dark chocolate, balanced by subtle hazelnut influences from the cask that develop into an exceptionally long, lingering finish. Each bottle is decorated with a bespoke metal plaque, enshrining the 1968 victory to the bottle’s crest. The fine detail of the plaque has been hand-carved and carefully hand-painted to match the colour of the team’s iconic 1968 shirt, with touches in gold in a nod to their victory.

The third Limited Edition bottle will take pride of place in the Manchester United Museum, before being offered for private sale at an end season event, with proceeds again being donated to the Manchester United Foundation. The final bottle will be placed on display at Strathisla distillery – the home of Chivas in Speyside, Scotland.

Find out more about the Chivas partnership with Manchester United and why blended is better at

Limited Edition Mandarine Napoléon XO Gold Honouring 125 Years

Mandarine Nap
To celebrate 125 years of its fine product, Mandarine Napoléon has crafted an extraordinary version of its delectable liqueur: The Limited Edition Mandarine Napoléon XO Gold. The special edition is a distillate of Sicilian mandarins blended with nothing less than a 125-year-old Grande Fine Champagne Cognac – resulting in a delightfully fresh and soft mandarin flavour with a delicious balanced cognac finish. Every bottle of the mandarin-infused liqueur in its robe d’or contains a harmonious touch of cognac from 1892: the year Mandarine Napoléon was first available to the public – covered by hand with 24-carat gold, combining craftsmanship, heritage and exquisite quality in and on a glorious bottle. Moreover, a special anniversary box, the walnut wood was exclusively designed to hold the product, so without a doubt, the XO Gold Limited Edition is a once-in-a-lifetime purchase.

The fact that people have been savouring Mandarine Napoléon for as long as 125 years now was the impulse that spawned the idea of creating an anniversary edition. Admittedly, it was not an easy task finding a suitable cognac well over a century old. However, a Grande Fine Champagne Cognac from 1892 was ultimately found, which truly adds colour and harmony to the Mandarine Napoléon Gold. As icing on the cake, a goldsmith from a small hamlet in the south of the Netherlands has then manually covered the bottle with 24-carat gold – so the bottle shimmers and shines from within the tailor-made walnut wood box.

Many people enjoy Mandarine Napoléon XO Gold as a royal twist in the Napoléon Margarita, but since the Limited Edition Mandarine Napoléon XO Gold is made with the exclusive Grande Fine Champagne Cognac, it is probably best savoured neat or on the rocks to experience the delicate subtleties and unique finish.

If you wish to order Mandarine Napoléon XO Gold Limited Edition, simply send an email to: A symbolic price of €1892.00 has been set for this extraordinary liqueur and since this is a limited edition, there is a maximum of only 125 bottles available.

Bunnahabhain Introduces Limited Release Ceòbanach


Bunnahabhain Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky has announced it will introduce a limited release expression to the range, Ceòbanach in October this year, inspired by life on Islay in the 1800s.

Ceòbanach (pronounced ‘kyaw-bin-och’), which means ‘smoky mist’ in Scots Gaelic, reflects the origins of Bunnahabhain, both the place and the single malt’s charming, complex character. Bunnahabhain Master Distiller, Ian MacMillan, took his inspiration from life on Islay in the 1800s, when the community was dependant on peat for warmth, fuel and trade. A time when smoke from the open fires mingled with the salty sea air to create a ‘smoky mist’ you could taste.

Perfected and nurtured by Ian MacMillan for over 10 years, the new expression contains layers of flavour, evocative of time past yet reflecting the heart of Bunnahabhain today. The lemon gold liquid has an unusually rich, complex character marrying ex bourbon cask sweetness with intense Islay malt peatiness and subtle hints of the sea. As with all Bunnahabhain expressions, Ceòbanach is unchill-filtered meaning that nothing is added or taken away, leaving the whisky exactly as nature intended.

Ian MacMillan, Master Blender comments “With the new millennium I decided to turn back the clock and recreate the original Bunnahabhain. I have spent a decade regularly monitoring, nosing and tasting these whiskies as they matured. I always envisaged that this product would be perfect around 10 years old and I certainly have not been disappointed. Although we could never fully replicate the original style of spirit produced at Bunnahabhain, Ceòbanach is as close as we could possibly hope for.”

Alison Gibb, Global Marketing Manager at Burn Stewart, said: “This is an exciting release for Bunnahabhain, not only because of its limited availability, but because it reflects the history and heritage of our location and our unique single malt. Taking its inspiration from the distillery’s surroundings on Islay, the taste is rich, complex and distinctive.”

Irish Whiskey Cheer Continues As Jameson Reveals New Limited Edition For St. Patrick’s Day

Jameson Limited Edition

Jameson, the world’s favourite Irish whiskey, is celebrating its rich Irish heritage ahead of St Patrick’s Day with the release of a new Limited Edition design for its iconic bottle, inspired by the sights, sounds and atmosphere of its hometown, Dublin.

The new limited edition bottle, which is the fourth to be released by Jameson in celebration of St Patrick’s Day, has been designed by award-winning Irish illustrator, Dermot Flynn, and will be sold in 40 markets worldwide – demonstrating the continued growth and popularity for Irish whiskey, driven by the ever-increasing popularity of this iconic brand.

Dermot’s illustrated label features the world-renowned Dublin pub, The Stag’s Head; historical figures such as W.B Yeats; and a selection of ‘local Dublin’ phrases to bring the city to life. The bottle has been created for this limited period and will be available in Travel Retail and through on and off trade customers in markets including Russia, Japan and Australia from February 2014.

Daniel Lundberg, Global Brand Director for Jameson, says: “In addition to its smooth, balanced taste, one of the things that whiskey fans around the world tell us they love about Jameson is its intrinsic Irish character. Jameson embodies the down-to-earth character of Dubliners so with this new limited edition, we wanted to bring that to life and celebrate the great city which inspired John Jameson to make his now iconic whiskey for the first time over 230 years ago. The new bottle design has been very well-received by our customers around the world resulting in more markets than ever selling this year’s edition, so we’re hopeful that Irish whiskey fans around the world will love it too and make it a part of their special St Patrick’s Day celebrations, wherever they may be.”

The release of the new Jameson Limited Edition will be accompanied by promotional activity in markets, with the brand providing its customers with a range of marketing materials and displays to ensure strong stand-out for the iconic bottle in the run up to St Patrick’s Day, which is celebrated each year on 17th March.

Jameson will be continuing its popular Jameson St Patrick’s Live celebrations this year with activity including its annual Live Broadcast, which sees presenters from radio stations from around the world descending on Dublin to broadcast live from the Old Jameson Distillery on St Patrick’s Day; and an exclusive gig in the city, featuring various leading Irish acts and headlined by the critically-acclaimed band, White Lies.

The Glenlivet Guardians’ Chapter Tasting Notes

The Glenlivet

I’m a whisky lover. Whisky is the biggest category explored on my website due to my love for finding something new within its boundaries. This also means that I love to be ahead of the game sometimes, and have been honoured with the chance to sample new expressions over the years. Today though, I have the chance to experience three whiskies that will define the way forward for a brand, and two of them I will never get the opportunity to purchase again. The Glenlivet have a name for their global community, The Guardians of The Glenlivet, and I being one of them, have been tasked with a simple yet rewarding event.

Three expressions of The Glenlivet, simply titled #CLASSIC, #REVIVAL and #EXOTIC. All created by master distiller Alan Winchester, but only one will go into production in February 2014, the next chapter for its limited edition range of 2000 9-litre cases. My goal? To choose which is my preferred. Sounds easy? Well lets see what I think of each –

The Glenlivet - Guardians' Chapter
The Glenlivet – Guardians’ Chapter

#CLASSIC – 48.7%

A good blend of pineapple and fruit cake on the nose, with hints of pear coming through close to the end. Orange, dried fruits and the pineapple once again cause a wave of flavour to pass over the palate, creating a lingering yet warming finish. Expect no dryness despite the flavours.

#REVIVAL – 48.7%

Very soft hints of honey and toffee on the nose, alongside dry aromas of nutmeg and walnut. A slow spice that develops on the palate to release the likes of aniseed, cinnamon and ginger. Slight sharpness near the very very long finish. A little dry too.

#EXOTIC – 48.7%

Sweet aromas of fudge, vanilla and honey on both the nose and palate. A more subtle spice comes through, with dried raisin and ginger dominating. Hints of dark chocolate and crème brûlée follow to give a long, bold and lasting expression. A dominating finish.

I myself voted for the #Classic, with the #Revival a close second. However #Exotic came out on top overall, winning the chance to be bottled in 2014!


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Drambuie Unveils An ExtraOrdinary Limited-Edition Look For Christmas

Limited edition bottleDrambuie is giving festive shoppers, lovers of whisky and those with an eye for design an extra special ‘Taste of the Extraordinary’ this year by launching its first limited-edition bottle ahead of the Christmas period.

The bottle, available in 70cl size, is the first of its kind and will go on sale in the UK, Greece, Malta and Bulgaria. Wrapped in the striking black and white zig-zag motif, the bottle takes cues from the surreal Drambuie marketing campaign which illustrates an infinite, moonlit, monochrome landscape with bottle and amber liquid emphasised in sharp relief.

The hints of heather honey and spice in the Drambuie elixir make it the ideal spirit to serve during the Christmas period, whether served neat, over ice or in festive cocktails, such as the Hot Apple Toddy.

The new bottle will be available from October and has an RRP of £25.

Tim Dewey, global marketing director commented: “The ‘A Taste of the Extraordinary’ campaign was designed to take Drambuie in a bold new direction to attract a new generation of drinkers. The unveiling of this limited-edition bottle takes the campaign one step further to captivate drinkers with a distinctive new look, submerging them further into the mysterious and complex world of Drambuie.”