Maker’s Mark Tasting Notes

A staple to any bar around the world is Maker’s Mark. The bottle alone creates a buzz with its presence, but it’s not, well compared to other major presences like Jack Daniels, Jim Beam or Woodford Reserve, really been around for that long. 1958 to be exact. Well the production of Maker’s Mark started inContinue reading “Maker’s Mark Tasting Notes”

Maxxium Whisky Tasting at Kro 2

It’s been that time of month again at Kro 2 with their monthly whisky tasting and this time incorporating the whiskies of Maxxium. Again for those of you who don’t know what Kro Bar is, they’re a Danish family business who specialise in Danish food and beer. A popular idea in the Manchester area, they’veContinue reading “Maxxium Whisky Tasting at Kro 2”

What to look forward too . . . . . .

It’s been a busy month with lots of events, tastings and experiences to write-up about! I apologise if posts of the events are not being displayed as quickly as they have done in the past, time has escaped me all too often lately! But I’m catching up and hopefully within the next week I should have theContinue reading “What to look forward too . . . . . .”

Stolichnaya Vodka Tasting Notes

Another event I took part in at the recent London Cocktail Week was hosted by Maxxium Brands at the Soho based Zenna Bar. Patsy Christie was our host as she talked about the Russian vodka Stolichnaya and 4 of their flavoured offerings – vanilla, citrus, raspberry and the new apple flavour. Before I come ontoContinue reading “Stolichnaya Vodka Tasting Notes”

Whisky Tasting at Kro 2

Coming soon is the second whisky tasting event to be held at Kro 2 on Manchester’s Oxford Road. Following last month’s successful visit from the Scottish independent whisky makers Compass Box ( they now welcome the Maxxium whisky company to the table to present their portfolio of Scotch whisky delights. Their range will include – – ArdmoreContinue reading “Whisky Tasting at Kro 2”