Inaugural Wild Turkey Bourbon UK Cocktail Champion 2013

Gruppo Campari’s Wild Turkey Bourbon has announced the winner of it’s first UK Cocktail Competition held at the The Liquorists HQ in Manchester. Henry Yates of Boilermaker in Nottingham clinched the top prize after competing with 10 of the best bartenders from across the UK in an exciting and heated battle to be crowned WildContinue reading “Inaugural Wild Turkey Bourbon UK Cocktail Champion 2013”

Wild Turkey Tasting Notes

It’s not often you get to have lunch with a Master Distiller, especially one who has never even visited the UK before. But that’s exactly what happened today when Eddie Russell of Wild Turkey came to Manchester’s Room Restaurant and Cocktail Bar to talk about his and his fathers, Jimmy Russell, creations. With bartenders comingContinue reading “Wild Turkey Tasting Notes”

Manchester Whisky Club Review – June

The end of last month saw meeting number six of the Manchester Whisky Club, held at the new venue of The Castle in Manchester. Just like last month, a theme was the order of the day, with everything American celebrated. Club founder Andy brought with him 5 expressions covering a little bit of everything, so withoutContinue reading “Manchester Whisky Club Review – June”

Wild Turkey Scores Big Wins at 2013 International Spirits Challenge

Gruppo Campari’s Wild Turkey has won two prestigious awards at the 2013 International Spirits Challenge. The new kid on the block, Wild Turkey 81 Kentucky Straight Bourbon won the accolade of Gold – Best in Class, while the original Wild Turkey 101 Kentucky Straight Bourbon was presented with Silver. These wins for Wild Turkey 81Continue reading “Wild Turkey Scores Big Wins at 2013 International Spirits Challenge”

Maker’s Mark Tasting Notes

A staple to any bar around the world is Maker’s Mark. The bottle alone creates a buzz with its presence, but it’s not, well compared to other major presences like Jack Daniels, Jim Beam or Woodford Reserve, really been around for that long. 1958 to be exact. Well the production of Maker’s Mark started inContinue reading “Maker’s Mark Tasting Notes”

Woodford Reserve

Woodford Reserve is a brand that is a staple to many a bar around the world. But what makes it so? I mean, have you ever tried it? Neat? A cocktail maybe but as a huge believe in trying a spirit before you mix, this is a brand that should always come under this rule. ButContinue reading “Woodford Reserve”

Four Roses Tasting Notes

What is a legend? Defined as ‘A traditional story sometimes popularly regarded as historical but unauthenticated’, it can become as popular as truth to the point of it’s hard to differentiate between the two in later years. How about – ‘It began when Paul Jones, Jr., the founder of Four Roses Bourbon, became smitten byContinue reading “Four Roses Tasting Notes”

Limited Edition Gift Box From Buffalo Trace Bourbon This Christmas

Award–‐winning Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon, recognised as a piece of liquid history, is now launching an exclusive limited edition gift box this Christmas for drink connoisseurs and bourbon fans alike. Available at £40 in Harvey Nichols and packaged in a handcrafted wooden box, discover the 220 year history and 8 step crafting process ofContinue reading “Limited Edition Gift Box From Buffalo Trace Bourbon This Christmas”

24 Days of Christmas Cocktails – Day 19

On the home stretch now! And to celebrate, Jim Beam have served up a rather simple punch that could even attract the ladies of the group! Day 19 – Sparkling Ruby Punch – Jim Beam Glass – Champagne Flute Ingredients – 1-3/4 cups Jim Beam Bourbon 1 cup cranberry juice cocktail 1 bottle (750ml) sparkling raspberry juice,Continue reading “24 Days of Christmas Cocktails – Day 19”