New New Zealand Based Craft Beer Launches To The On-Trade

Monteith’s Brewing Company, the iconic and oldest craft brewery in New Zealand, made its debut in the UK on-trade on the 11th September by showcasing a range of four beers, available with immediate effect via HEINEKEN® UK. Established by Stewart Monteith in 1868 for the pioneering gold mining communities on the country’s South Island WestContinue reading “New New Zealand Based Craft Beer Launches To The On-Trade”

Smoke and Oakum’s Gunpowder Tasting Notes

I do love my rum. Such a variety, different styles and flavour experiences to be savoured on each sip. Coming across Smoke and Oakum though, gave a slant that all rum enthusiasts should experience in their lives. Smoke and Oakum from New Zealand have within their portfolio a gunpowder rum, recreated to a style thatContinue reading “Smoke and Oakum’s Gunpowder Tasting Notes”

Quina-Fina Tasting Notes

I’ve featured two brands from New Zealand on my site in the form of Lighthouse gin and Broken Shed vodka, but now there’s a great accompaniment in the mixer category in the form of Quina-Fina. Quina Fina can take its inspiration from the history of tonic water. You may or may not know, but tonicContinue reading “Quina-Fina Tasting Notes”

Broken Shed Vodka and Lighthouse Gin Tasting Notes

New Zealand is a country you expect to grab many a fantastic wine from, but lately two spirits have been creating a bit of a stir. The Black Dog Wine Agency have brought to our shores Broken Shed vodka and Lighthouse gin, and, after a little digging to find out what all the fuss isContinue reading “Broken Shed Vodka and Lighthouse Gin Tasting Notes”