Dream Of Paradise With A Pusser’s Painkiller

If cocktails could talk, this one would entertain you. The Painkiller, a classic Pusser’s Rum drink made using four key ingredients (that’s Pusser’s Rum, cream of coconut, orange and pineapple juice, for those who don’t know) served over the rocks and garnished with fresh ground nutmeg, has a rich history dating back to the ‘70s.Continue reading “Dream Of Paradise With A Pusser’s Painkiller”

Pusser’s Rum Proudly Sponsors The Beach At Camden’s Roundhouse

The UK’s original navy rum, Pusser’s, has partnered with the Roundhouse this summer to launch the long-awaited return of Camden Beach, a 900 sq metre terrace filled with 150 tonnes of the finest sand, end-of-the-pier amusements, pop-up food stalls, beach huts, ping-pong, live music and a showcase of summer drinks brands. The partnership between theContinue reading “Pusser’s Rum Proudly Sponsors The Beach At Camden’s Roundhouse”


Everyone loves something classic. Classic films, classic cars, classic music. But what about classic drink? Yes there’s the classic cocktails like Martini or Manhattan, but what about those brands that make those cocktails become a mainstay? Or maybe those brands that have earned the right to be called classic? Say, for example, Pusser’s? Pusser’s comesContinue reading “Pusser’s”