Hard Rock Cafe Want To Spritz Up Your Summer!

Hard Rock Cafe have brought out their latest cocktail creations for the Summer season, focusing on the ever-popular Spritz, twisting them with familiar names such as Bombay Sapphire, Jack Daniel’s, Grey Goose and Chambord. Kick-start with my personal favourite of the ‘Jack and Diane’ that see’s Jack Daniel’s Old No.7 combined with Cointreau, fresh lemonContinue reading “Hard Rock Cafe Want To Spritz Up Your Summer!”

Chambord Tasting Notes

It’s about time I write about a brand that I’ve either stocked or enjoyed since my beginnings within the drinks industry – Chambord. A name that nearly everyone has probably heard of, or indeed enjoyed maybe without realising – it’s the classic choice when it comes to a Kir Royale or French Martini. But howContinue reading “Chambord Tasting Notes”