Emily Says . . . . ‘Old Mout Cider’

Old Mout

In her sixth feature under ‘Emily Says . . .’, the voice to the Manchester bar scene in Emily Puckering looks at her favourite Summer cider;

Any bartender will be familiar with the famous brands of fruit cider. Fruit cider, whether one likes it or not, is the nation’s favourite summer time drink and certainly will be for a long time. And with summer creeping around the corner, I thought I’d write up a little something about one of the best brands and what wonderful things this company has to offer… and most importantly, how to pronounce it correctly!

Established 65 years ago in Nelson, New Zealand, Old Mout began on a cycling trip in England. Wanda Tait sampled the traditional local ciders and fell in love instantly. Bringing this love back to NZ, she set up her own cidery in a shed and the infamous company was born.

A couple of young pioneers then took over. Justin and Scottie helped give Old Mout the name they are so famous for with their tantalising and unique fruit flavours, rather than sticking to the traditional apple or pear flavours. The pair were inspired by the beautiful island fruits and went on to develop a range of fruit flavours that would later win them awards and, of course, a step up the ladder in the competitive cider industry.

Today in the UK, Old Mout is slowly but surely becoming a household name. With the strong competitors of Kopparberg and Rekorderlig fruit ciders, it was certainly a gradual process getting the word out about this NZ number. And it still is a gradual process on how to pronounce it correctly…

Its spelling causes understandable confusion. Rather than pronounce it as ‘Mout’, as the spelling suggests, it is in fact pronounced as ‘M-oo-oo-t’. Nor is it pronounced as ‘Moat’ either, which I’ve heard a few times over the bar as I’ve struggled to hold back my laughter.

Old Mout features four very unique flavours over here in the UK:

Kiwi & Lime
Strawberry & Pomegranate
Summer Berries
Passionfruit & Apple

Rather than sticking to the generic ‘Strawberry & Lime’ favourite that dominates most fruit ciders here in Britain, Old Mout have put a twist on the classic flavours of traditional cider. Pairing passionfruit with apple delivers bittersweet notes, and the combination of kiwi and lime gives something truly refreshing. Pomegranate has truly made an appearance in the bar over the last year, and it makes a superb flavour for a cider as Old Mout has proved.

So for this summer, make sure you are equipped with sunglasses and a bottle of Old Mout cider when sitting in your favourite beer garden; the sunshine and the exotic fruits of New Zealand have been brought to the UK!

Hard Rock Cafe Want To Spritz Up Your Summer!

Hard Rock Cafe have brought out their latest cocktail creations for the Summer season, focusing on the ever-popular Spritz, twisting them with familiar names such as Bombay Sapphire, Jack Daniel’s, Grey Goose and Chambord.

Kick-start with my personal favourite of the ‘Jack and Diane’ that see’s Jack Daniel’s Old No.7 combined with Cointreau, fresh lemon juice, sugar syrup and topped with lemonade for a bold hit of whiskey and orange. A close second for me is the ‘Chambord Supernova’ that see’s Chambord blended with St Germaine elderflower and topped with Prosecco, soda and a lemon twist. Rich, refreshing and offers a long finish!

A fantastic Grey Goose offering in ‘Good Limes, Bad Limes’ is available, showing the flavours of St Germaine elderflower, fresh limes, Prosecco and soda, whilst the ‘Thyme Warp’ offers a highlight of the Bombay Sapphire experience with fresh lemon juice and tonic, with a sprig of thyme to bring out the fresh aromas.

The two other Bombay Sapphire creations include ‘Gin Ginie’ that see’s the bolder profiles of Chambord mixed with the British gin and bitter lemon, topped with a sprig of mint, whilst the ‘My Gineration’ focuses on the gin with orange juice, tonic and plenty of orange peel for garnish.

Six refreshing serves, priced between £9.45 and £9.95, served up, if you wish, within a Hard Rock souvenir mason jar (for £11.80) whilst rocking out in the sunshine (or what’s left of it) on their terrace. And if you’ve ever read my previous features on Hard Rock Cafe’s food offerings, you’ll know you can make an afternoon of it!

Jack & Diane with a Guinness Bacon Cheeseburger for me. I’ll see you at the bar.

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Trattoria 51 To Serve Up ‘A Taste Of Holiday’ With Fizz Cocktail Additions

Trattoria summer 2

Trattoria 51 is serving up a taste of summer with its seasonally inspired fizz cocktails.

The Old Hall Street eatery has devised a selection of Prosecco based cocktails that can be enjoyed either at the venue’s 51 Prosecco Bar or recently opened Al Fresco dining area.

Mouth-watering blends include Classic Bellini, Strawberry Rossini, Italian Sunset, Sogni D’Oro and Limoncello Prosecco to name a few.

General Manager and Co-Owner of Trattoria 51 Toni Karemanaj said: “With the summer months upon us, we wanted to create a cocktail menu guaranteed to refresh our guests. As we are renowned for our extensive Prosecco offering, we wanted to use this ever-popular drink to create a signature range of cocktails ideal for the warmer days and nights.

“In a bid to kick start the summer merriments, the cocktails have been devised with light and fruity flavours to provide a taste of holiday in a glass!”

To accompany its extensive cocktail offerings and fully stocked bar, Trattoria 51 serves a wide selection of authentic Italian dishes, all of which have been created with home grown recipes.

Toni added: “Although certainly tasty alone, all of our cocktails can be perfectly paired with our delicious menu options including our ever-changing seasonal Specials Menu. Our selection of meat, seafood and vegetarian dishes provide a greater range of light bites as opposed to just hearty Italian home comforts such as pizza and pasta.

“With summer in full swing, we have also reopened our outside terrace area, ideal for those looking to enjoy a mid-morning coffee, have a relaxing lunch in the sun or while away the evening. Our al fresco drinking and dining option is already proving a treat with those wanting to make the most out of the lovely weather.”

Prosecco cocktails are priced at £6.95 each.

For further information or bookings visit http://www.trattoria51.com or call 0151 236 4739.

A Dreamy Summer With San Carlo Fumo Manchester

San Carlo Fumo - 'The Dream' cocktail

Summer evenings call for something fruity and refreshing, and ‘The Dream’ cocktail, from the expert mixologists at San Carlo Fumo, is the answer to all those sunshine-filled moments with friends – so come down and try it!

The cocktail is a combination of ice-cold vodka and delicious fruit juices, with a luxurious topping of prosecco and garnish of cool mint and watermelon.

The Dream


50ml Vodka
10ml Prosecco
20ml Cranberry
15ml Grapefruit Juice
25ml Watermelon


Shake together the vodka and fruit juices with ice and serve in a Hurricane glass. Top with the prosecco.


To finish the cocktail, garnish with watermelon and a sprig of mint.

Fumo is a new concept cocktail bar, all day restaurant and late lounge, part of the San Carlo Group. For more information visit the website http://www.sancarlofumo.co.uk

Experience The Taste Of Summer With Hendrick’s Gin

Hendrick's Cocktails

Hendrick’s Gin invites you to experience a taste of summer with a decidedly delectable array of cocktails, created to invigorate and revitalise the tastebuds during the season of sunshine. With our green and pleasant land in full bloom and temperatures soaring, there is nothing more inviting than a delightfully refreshing tipple. Infused with the delicate essence of rose and cooling cucumber Hendrick’s Gin is the perfect summer-serve to be enjoyed in reflective solitude or surrounded by fellow gin lovers.

Whether it’s the delicate mix of elderflower cordial with the sharp bite of mint leaves in the Hendrick’s Summer Mule, or the zesty refreshment of a Flora Dora these Hendrick’s cocktails, created by Hendrick’s British Ambassador, Duncan McRae are the most stimulating summer drinks for all discerning individuals. For afternoons of relaxation with chums, the marvelously fruity Hendrick’s Summer Punch is the elixir of choice to be sipped and shared.

This summer turn your own fair hand to the art of cocktail making and try one of these charming Hendrick’s cocktails.

Flora Dora


40ml Hendrick’s Gin
20ml Fresh Lime Juice
10ml Raspberry Syrup
Topped with Ginger Beer


Build all ingredients in a high ball over cubed ice. Churn and serve.

Hendrick’s Summer Punch


500ml Hendrick’s Gin
200ml Lemon Juice
70ml Elderflower Cordial
30ml Maraschino Liqueur
20ml Lovage Cordial
1000ml Cloudy Apple Juice


Combine all ingredients together in large punch bowl, plant pot, teapot, or any other suitable vessel. Add plenty of summer fruits (strawberries, raspberries, cucumber, lemon wheels) and a handful of ice. Serve in teacups over cubed ice.

Hendrick’s Summer Mule


50ml Hendrick’s Gin
20ml Fresh Lime Juice
10ml Elderflower Cordial
8 Mint Leaves
1 Inch Cucumber
Topped with Ginger Beer


Add cucumber to glass and break with muddler. Add other ingredients and build all together over cracked ice. Top with ginger beer and garnish.

For more information on HENDRICK’S Gin and for more cocktail recipes visit, http://www.hendricksgin.com

A Look At Garden Of Earthly Delights At Elixir, Tonics & Treats

Elixir Camper Van

This week saw one of the relatively new bars to hit Manchester launch its summer drinks menu with a ‘The Garden of Earthly Delight’s’ theme. Not one to just hope for the best, Elixir Tonics & Treats showed off their creations for a two-hour period on a warm Friday evening, allowing friends and VIP’s to sample and experience. But it wasn’t just their new menu that was to be launching that evening, but also their new event and exhibition space, located underneath the main floor.

To the new menu first.


Favourites such as the Apollo Daiquiri have been saved onto the new version, and is now nestled between names such as Rambling Bramble (£9 – white grain spirit, juniper and sage syrup, lemon juice and a float-your-own Chambord miniature) and The Bee Keeper (£9.50 – gin, apple liqueur, honey, apple and lemon juice). A simple, yet perfect summer cocktail had to be the Forget-Me-Not (£10.50 for mini-pro’s, £14.50 to share). A blend of violet liqueur, lavender syrup and Prosecco with a blackberry garnish offered something a little more perfumed to the usual sparkling option. I must say though, what do you think the setting would be to enjoy one of these? Garden? Terrace? Pool? How about something that the team at Elixir Tonics & Treats decided to conjure up – a fitted out camper van! Parked outside the venue on Deansgate, Manchester, the Caribbean-esque feel to the inside made it the perfect place to enjoy the starter cocktail to the evening.

The camper van became my home for the second cocktail to sample too, the Jasmine Cascade (£8.50). This came with a dose of BLOOM gin, green Chartreuse, jasmine syrup, lemon and apple and complete with a sprig of rosemary to garnish. For effect, and to be fair garnish as well, it came equipped to be cascaded over dry ice and billowing jasmine aromatic oils. Subtle flavours, well-rounded, with the drink not being out-done by the theatrics.

Flutter Bye
Flutter Bye

One signature that Elixir Tonics & Treats have accomplished since their opening has been the accompaniments to their creations. Whether it’s stress balls or mini elixirs to change your mood, they’ve offered something that relates to the drink in hand. This has become more evident with the likes of the Flutter Bye (£8). A coupette glass nestled on a patch of grass, complete with edible chocolate ladybird and butterfly attached to the side. The drink itself is a compliment of flavours. Stolichnaya Citrus, elderflower & rose liqueur, egg white and apple juice work perfectly to create a velvet texture on the palate. Light, refreshing and aesthetically pleasing.

I mentioned in my review of Elixir Tonics & Treats last year that the bar was to be exactly what Manchester needed. Unique, different and just that little bit of quirky that consumers are after sometimes. Refreshing the menu is always a hit, but can ultimately just become a phase. Elixir Tonics & Treats new one though, has plenty to talk about, and many intriguing recipes to try. They entice you, which is surely what you want when choosing somewhere to go?

Speaking of choosing somewhere. Are you, or will you, be looking for an event space to hold a shindig? Look no further than beneath the floors of Elixir Tonics & Treats! A large, spacious floor can be converted to accommodate your needs and budget. Launched as of this week, they have been showing off the various options, including bar sizes and opportunities, seating set-outs and audio / visual availability. It’s worked for me, it’s the space I’ll be using to host my annual Liquor Market in September. It ticks all the boxes I need to run a successful event, so I can only imagine that you will go away impressed if you ever get the chance to check it out.

Make sure you do it with a cocktail in hand too.

For more photos from the re-launch, please visit my Facebook page.

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