Hendrick’s Gin Uncover Unique Botanical on Perilous Quest Deep in the Venezuelan Rainforest

After days of trekking through the Venezuelan rainforest in pursuit of the extraordinary, the Hendrick’s Perilous Botanical Quest team have returned. Dirty, scratched, bruised, and pounds lighter than when they left, the team are immensely excited to announce that they have discovered a most unusual and flavoursome botanical with which to make a stimulating newContinue reading “Hendrick’s Gin Uncover Unique Botanical on Perilous Quest Deep in the Venezuelan Rainforest”

Hendrick’s Gin Presents The Juniper Sling Cocktail

The Juniper Sling cocktail is inspired perfumers Penhaligon’s, Juniper Sling fragrance. Crafted by Geoff Robinson from Happiness Forgets, it combines the bitter notes of lemon juice with the freshness of juniper and sweetness of sugar syrup, to provide a delightfully refreshing tipple for your palette this spring.   Juniper Sling   40ml Hendrick’s Gin 20ml Byrrh 20ml Lemon Juice 10mlContinue reading “Hendrick’s Gin Presents The Juniper Sling Cocktail”

Hendrick’s Carnival of Knowledge at the Brighton Fringe

EXPAND YOUR MIND, STIMULATE YOUR SENSES AND REVIVE YOUR SPIRIT OF CURIOSITY ROLL UP! ROLL UP! JOIN HENDRICK’S CARNIVAL OF KNOWLEDGE AT THE BRIGHTON FRINGE   The delightfully diverting HENDRICK’S Carnival of Knowledge – a unique travelling parlour of enlightenment – will offer intellectual sustenance to all minds at this year’s Brighton Fringe (24th – 27th  May).   Continue reading “Hendrick’s Carnival of Knowledge at the Brighton Fringe”

An Unusual Beverage to Celebrate St Andrews Day

The good people of Scotland gather every year on 30th November to celebrate St Andrew’s Day. In celebration of this day, Hendrick’s Gin has concocted Andrew’s sloe juniper, a specially crafted cocktail ideal for paying homage to Scotland’s patron saint and all things Scottish. In parts of Europe , superstitious belief exists that the nightContinue reading “An Unusual Beverage to Celebrate St Andrews Day”

A Punch this Christmas, with Hendrick’s Gin

In this time of festive cheer, Hendrick’s Gin, proprietor of the exquisite and unusual, has partnered with the most esteemed of cocktail creators to offer a solution to Christmas entertaining quandaries, and in doing so bring to your attention the almostforgotten mastery of punch.   At a time of year when merriment with those dearestContinue reading “A Punch this Christmas, with Hendrick’s Gin”

Hendrick’s Gin Presents An Unusually Literary Banquet at London Cocktail Week

  HENDRICK’S GIN PRESENTS AN UNUSUALLY LITERARY BANQUET AT LONDON COCKTAIL WEEK Gin has fuelled many legendary writers, unforgettable characters and gripping plots. During London Cocktail Week (LCW), 8th-14th October, HENDRICK’S GIN & Chef Giorgio Ravelli from UPSTARIS at THE TEN BELLS, will explore this delightfully peculiar legacy with a culinary, literary and botanically-infused meanderingContinue reading “Hendrick’s Gin Presents An Unusually Literary Banquet at London Cocktail Week”

Hendrick’s Gin Introduce Limited Edition ‘Fit for Tea’ Pack for the Summer

  I received this a few days back regarding Hendrick’s summer revival. Have a read through, purchase and start making the fantastic cocktail at the end!! HENDRICK’S FIT FOR TEA In this most unusual of years, the general population is more than ever intrigued by the areas of sport & fitness. With these interests inContinue reading “Hendrick’s Gin Introduce Limited Edition ‘Fit for Tea’ Pack for the Summer”

Hendrick’s Library of Delightfully Peculiar Writings

join HENDRICK’S library of delightfully PECULIAR writings FOR UNUSUAL BOOK-WORMING SHENANIGANS AT BRIGHton FRINGE The delightfully peculiar HENDRICK’S Library – a remarkable haven stuffed full of objects of unusual history and function – will be taking residence at Brighton Fringe (17th – 27th May). A program crammed with informative and agreeable events throughout the weekContinue reading “Hendrick’s Library of Delightfully Peculiar Writings”

A Genteel Tipple Through Gin in Literature

Hendrick’s Gin will be attending The Sunday Times Oxford Literary Festival from March 24th – 1st April. Visitors to Hendrick’s library within the tented Village at Oxford Literary Festival will be invited to contribute a most unusual libation-inspired story to the Library’s ever evolving collection of curious literary tales.  Participants will be rewarded for suchContinue reading “A Genteel Tipple Through Gin in Literature”

Hendrick’s Unusual Preposterous Proposal Throne

So yesterday was that most unusual day where women had the opportunity to propose to their partners. Over the past month, Hendrick’s have taken advantage of this peculiar time by running the ‘Ladies School of Nuptial Conquest’ and ‘School for Scoundrels’ at bars around  the country, teaching the aspects of how to woo your man,Continue reading “Hendrick’s Unusual Preposterous Proposal Throne”