Belvoir Fruit Farms

I enquired about a brand that, I don’t know about you, I’ve seen a fair bit of lately, cropping up in bars and restaurants all over Manchester. Not one to miss out on a drinking sensation, I spoke to the team at Belvoir Fruit Farms to see what all the fuss is about. You see,Continue reading “Belvoir Fruit Farms”

Buffalo Trace Distillery

I don’t know about you, but when I experience something, it sticks into my mind. I still remember the first time I sampled the Buffalo Trace range, held at The Anthologist Bar near St Paul’s Cathedral, London during London Cocktail Week 2011. It was hear that I met Drew Mayville, Sazerac Buffalo Trace Master Blender, who explainedContinue reading “Buffalo Trace Distillery”

Cuckoo Review

The suburbs of a city can throw up some fantastic gems when it comes to the bar scene. Here in Manchester, we are fortunate to have the likes of Hale, Didsbury, Chorlton and Worsley amongst others, surrounding the city centre, and all within easy reach. Living in the south, i’ve frequented the likes of ChorltonContinue reading “Cuckoo Review”

Simon Rimmer Hosts Man v Food: Round 2 At Robinsons Brewery

Following a gruelling first round, TV Chef and restaurateur Simon Rimmer returns to Robinsons Brewery on Friday 7th March to host an ample second serving of Man vs. Food. This belly busting event, inspired by the hit US series ‘Man V Food’, pits 50 competitors against each other in a race against time to consumeContinue reading “Simon Rimmer Hosts Man v Food: Round 2 At Robinsons Brewery”

Simon Rimmer Hosts Man vs Food At Robinsons Brewery

The American cult culinary TV series, ‘Man V Food’, has fast become a worldwide cultural touchstone, but how did local contestants cope with the mammoth meat feat dished up by Robinsons Visitors Centre in Stockport?!? On Tuesday the 17th December, Celebrity Chef Simon Rimmer put his wooden spoon aside for a front row seat atContinue reading “Simon Rimmer Hosts Man vs Food At Robinsons Brewery”

Soldiers Swap Armed Service For Kitchen Service

On the 15th November, 3 Soldiers from 156 Transport Regiment, Royal Logistic Corps, swapped serving their country for the evening and instead served up a gourmet delight for guests at Robinsons Visitors Centre in aid of ABF The Soldiers’ Charity. Hosted by celebrity chef Simon Rimmer, the event – which included a 3-course sit downContinue reading “Soldiers Swap Armed Service For Kitchen Service”

Black Dog Ballroom NWS Review

‘Black Dog NWS, the second addition to the Black Dog Ballroom brand, is located on New Wakefield Street in the burgeoning Oxford Road Corner area of the city, is a three floor New York Style speakeasy, diner, pool room, roof terrace, BBQ and basement night club, Underdog. The private members’ Ballroom boasts a pool tableContinue reading “Black Dog Ballroom NWS Review”

Artisan Review

There always seems to be something new popping up in the Manchester restaurant scene. New concepts, new ideas, re-vamping tired menus or giving a new lease of life into forgotten venues. These are what seem to define many a city’s food culture. To be fair, nothing against that. It’s what keeps us on our toesContinue reading “Artisan Review”


Finland is known for building some of the worlds biggest cruise ships, phone giants Nokia and a vodka that has a presence in many a bar – Finlandia. But how did this rather well-know vodka come about? Compared to other rivals, it’s a rather secretive brand, and not one that many know a fact orContinue reading “Finlandia”

The Liquorists Gincident Review

If you live in Manchester, or indeed the North, or just have yourself access to social media or have a friend who’s a bartender, you may have come across the tag-team of The Liquorists. The pairing of Tom Sneesby and Jody Monteith have given us many a night since their inception back in 2010, withContinue reading “The Liquorists Gincident Review”