Expand Your Mind, Stimulate Your Senses & Revive Your Spirit Of Curiosity

For the first time ever, the delightfully diverting HENDRICK’S Carnival of Knowledge – a unique travelling parlour of enlightenment – will journey to the wild wilderness of Portmeirion, Wales for Festival No.6 (5th – 7th September) to bring intellectual sustenance and delightful diversions to all curiously minded individuals. With the help of the Guerrilla ScienceContinue reading “Expand Your Mind, Stimulate Your Senses & Revive Your Spirit Of Curiosity”

Manchester Whisky Club Review – August

This past Thursday saw the eighth meeting of the Manchester Whisky Club, held at The Castle in Manchester. Just like last month, a theme was the order of the day, and as we had covered Ireland, Scotland, Japan and the USA, it made sense to take look at some of the lesser known whisky producing countriesContinue reading “Manchester Whisky Club Review – August”

Penderyn Tasting Notes

Wales is not renowned for its whiskies, but for nearly 10 years now, Penderyn has seen to change that perception with its award-winning range. The Welsh Whisky Company was founded  in 1998 and in the turn of the new Millennium, a group of friends set out to become the first Welsh distillers in over a century.Continue reading “Penderyn Tasting Notes”