AquaRiva Tasting Notes

Everyone loves a celebrity endorsement and drink brands are no exception. Ciroc vodka have P Diddy, Atlantico rum have Enrique Inglesias and Cointreau have Dita Von Teese, but on the odd occasion, brands are created or have significant input into a liquid. Crystal Head is a collaboration involving Dan Aykroyd, Manchester band Elbow created theirContinue reading “AquaRiva Tasting Notes”

Robinsons Brewery

I’m a huge fan of supporting local businesses when it comes to the bar scene, whether its fresh fruits, farm-house preserves or interior decorators. But one aspect I always try to achieve is to collaborate with a local brewer. Being located in the North West, I’m fortunate enough to have many a name on myContinue reading “Robinsons Brewery”

Legend of Kremlin Tasting Notes

Every once in a while, you come across a brand that just shouts at you. A bottle, the history, the name. All factors the developers want you to see. There’s one that shouts all three though, its name is Legend of Kremlin. A Russian vodka, that legend has it, is thought to be based onContinue reading “Legend of Kremlin Tasting Notes”

Darnley’s View and Darnley’s Spiced Gin Tasting Notes

Darnley’s View gin has a close history with the company Wemyss Malts. A gin close with whisky? Apparently in 1565, Mary Queen of Scots first spies her future husband, Lord Darnley through the courtyard window of Wemyss Castle, the historic family seat of renowned vintners and spirits merchants, the Wemyss family. So to celebrate this occasion,Continue reading “Darnley’s View and Darnley’s Spiced Gin Tasting Notes”

Thunder Tasting Notes

Catchphrases and slogans can define a brand. Budweiser is a prime example of this with their campaign back in the 90’s and early 2000’s, but smaller more unrecognised brands will launch themselves with a tag which will helpfully stick in people’s memories when browsing a bars offerings. Well here’s one – ‘The Mountain’s Best Kept Secret’ –Continue reading “Thunder Tasting Notes”

Pink Pigeon Tasting Notes

Theres some spirits in the world that take their name from various sources. Bacardi has the Catalan wine merchant Facundo Bacardí Massó, Tanqueray has Charles Tanqueray, Amarula is named after its primary ingredient and Pink Pigeon after a rare Mauritian bird. Theres a Pink Pigeon in the world I hear you cry? Yup, these endangered birds fly freely on the Isle ofContinue reading “Pink Pigeon Tasting Notes”

Leblon Tasting Notes

Cachaça is a spirit that most have heard of, many have maybe even drank its most famous concoction – the caipirinha, but does it have the same knowledge and understanding as say to gin, vodka or whisky? Did you know that cachaça comes from the South American country of Brazil? And that back in 2007,Continue reading “Leblon Tasting Notes”

Crystal Head Vodka Tasting Notes

Ever heard of the legend of the 13 crystal skulls? Found around the world and dated between 5,000 and 35,000 years old, it is said that they were carved over a period of hundred of years, with no reasoning behind them. Many however believe that they offer spiritual powers. Two such men who are fascinatedContinue reading “Crystal Head Vodka Tasting Notes”

Magellan Gin Tasting Notes

Have you always wondered if gin was practically colourless? Well Magellan gin will give you a surprise. Using the inspiration of Ferdinand de Magellan in 1519, who circumnavigated the world to explore the ‘spice islands’ and the several barrels of cloves that were brought back, the Magellan gin is hand crafted in small batches usingContinue reading “Magellan Gin Tasting Notes”

24 Days of Christmas Cocktails – Day 8

One of my own creations for Day 8, using the most unusual Chase Marmalade.   Day 8 – Marmaduke – Chase Marmalade Glass – Chilled Martini glass Ingredients – 70ml Chase Marmalade 25ml Creme de Fraise 25ml fresh lemon juice 25ml Mango Puree 1 tea-spoon fresh ginger Method – Blend all ingredients with ice and shake until ice cold. StrainContinue reading “24 Days of Christmas Cocktails – Day 8”