National Calvados Week Returns For 2017

The Père Magloire National Calvados Week, in association with UK creator Emporia Brands, returns Monday 16th October 2016 until the Sunday 22nd October 2017, taking place within bars and retailers across the UK, including London, Birmingham, Newcastle, Glasgow and Edinburgh. For some, Normandy’s lush green pastures reach their ultimate expression in the region’s famed cheesesContinue reading “National Calvados Week Returns For 2017”


A third brand that I came across on my French travels a few weeks back is Lecompte, a rather small yet equally stunning range of Calvados. It’s in 1923 that Alexandre Lecompte created the Lecompte House in Lisieux, and built the brand until its sale to Yves Pellerin. Seen as the premium end of the Calvados categoryContinue reading “Lecompte”


Recently, I’ve been fortunate enough to travel over to France and check out a criminally underrated category of spirit here in the UK; Calvados. Originally attending to see one of the main distilleries of Calvados, I was to find out that Boulard was to be not far down the road. Having the chance to experience anotherContinue reading “Boulard”

IWSC Spirit Tasting 2014

The 23rd July saw me travelling down to London to a rather prestigious event where some of the elite spirits would be showcased. A rather bold concept, but when you have the International Wine and Spirit Competition (IWSC) 2014 winners, who incidentally were announced that very morning for, in one room, it’s an honour toContinue reading “IWSC Spirit Tasting 2014”

Père Magloire

National Calvados Week! What I hear you cry? Calvados? Well if your anything like the North of England, Calvados isn’t a  big market compared to some of the other categories in the spirits world, but it is in London, and to help spread the word, a whole week dedicated to Calvados has been created. ToContinue reading “Père Magloire”

Announcing National Calvados Week!

From 14th to 20th October, Britain is going Calvados Crazy! Bars, restaurants, wine merchants and supermarkets will all be offering a taste of the spirit of Normandy. There will be competitions, prizes, tastings, cocktail presentations, and cookery recipes all using the magical Spirit of Normandy – Calvados! First of all what is Calvados? Calvados isContinue reading “Announcing National Calvados Week!”