Hendrick’s Presents The World’s First Pedal-Powered Shaker For London Cocktail Week

To celebrate the highlight of the cocktail calendar, London Cocktail Week (6-12th October), Hendrick’s Gin are shaking things up with The Boneshaker – the world’s first pedal-powered cocktail shaker. This curious contraption will park up at Brooks B1886 in Seven Dials, as an invitation to discerning drinkers across the capital to lubricate the cogs ofContinue reading “Hendrick’s Presents The World’s First Pedal-Powered Shaker For London Cocktail Week”

The Black Pearl Tour – Docking In A City Near You

The nation’s bartenders have the chance to show off their swashbuckling mixing skills this summer as The Black Pearl Tour takes to the road with exciting competitions, tutored tastings and training with experts from Monin and Plantation Rum. The Black Pearl Tour visits 10 locations up and down the UK and features workshops with bothContinue reading “The Black Pearl Tour – Docking In A City Near You”

Underground Punch Pong League Grand Final Opens LCW 2013

WHO WILL BE CROWNED UNDERGROUND PUNCH PONG LEAGUE CHAMPIONS?   Bartenders from across the UK and Ireland are in training for the ultimate battle, as they prepare for the grand final of the Underground Punch Pong League – Monin Bartenders’ Challenge Cup, on Monday October 7. The grand final takes place at the ‘London Punch Pong Arena’ –Continue reading “Underground Punch Pong League Grand Final Opens LCW 2013”

Diplomatico Indulgence At London Cocktail Week

Diplomatico Rum will be hosting an indulgent evening during London Cocktail Week on Wednesday 9th October at Hotel Chocolat in Covent Garden, London. A mouth-watering masterclass will see four Diplomatico rums paired with the finest handmade chocolate for a delectable tasting experience. Guests will learn how to taste chocolate and rum before being taken onContinue reading “Diplomatico Indulgence At London Cocktail Week”

Rumfest’s Programme Of Seminar’s And Masterclasses Packs Some Serious Punch

Global Rum Ambassador Ian Burrell Assembles Another Stellar Schedule for 2013 Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th October 2013, London’s ExCeL Exhibition Centre, E16 http://rumfest.co.uk The world’s largest festival to celebrate rum and Caribbean culture has revealed the details of its coveted seminar and masterclass programme today. The two-day event, which was founded and is curatedContinue reading “Rumfest’s Programme Of Seminar’s And Masterclasses Packs Some Serious Punch”

Hendrick’s Gin Presents An Unusually Literary Banquet at London Cocktail Week

  HENDRICK’S GIN PRESENTS AN UNUSUALLY LITERARY BANQUET AT LONDON COCKTAIL WEEK Gin has fuelled many legendary writers, unforgettable characters and gripping plots. During London Cocktail Week (LCW), 8th-14th October, HENDRICK’S GIN & Chef Giorgio Ravelli from UPSTARIS at THE TEN BELLS, will explore this delightfully peculiar legacy with a culinary, literary and botanically-infused meanderingContinue reading “Hendrick’s Gin Presents An Unusually Literary Banquet at London Cocktail Week”

What to look forward too . . . . . .

It’s been a busy month with lots of events, tastings and experiences to write-up about! I apologise if posts of the events are not being displayed as quickly as they have done in the past, time has escaped me all too often lately! But I’m catching up and hopefully within the next week I should have theContinue reading “What to look forward too . . . . . .”

Stolichnaya Vodka Tasting Notes

Another event I took part in at the recent London Cocktail Week was hosted by Maxxium Brands at the Soho based Zenna Bar. Patsy Christie was our host as she talked about the Russian vodka Stolichnaya and 4 of their flavoured offerings – vanilla, citrus, raspberry and the new apple flavour. Before I come ontoContinue reading “Stolichnaya Vodka Tasting Notes”

Anthology of Gin Review

Hendrick’s. A gin that signifies the quirky, the pompus and the extraordinary – and they didn’t disappoint! Taking over a small premises near Covent Garden, they transformed the place into a Victorian haven full of extravagant ornaments, quaint wooden tables, a traditional stall serving Hendrick’s cocktails and even a Hendrick’s bath! The tasting session i was to embarkContinue reading “Anthology of Gin Review”